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7 Deadly Mistakes That Are Wrecking Your Sleep
Let us help you regain control of your sleep.

A customized holistic program for people suffering from sleep deprivation and those who want to optimize their sleep.

I help sleep deprived moms get to sleep and stay asleep, so they can feel joy again, have increased energy and optimize their health so they can live their best life possible.

I find the cause of your sleep problem with epigenetics, and system based lifestyle care that is individualized to each person.
Common Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

Are you always hungry and craving junk food?
Do you have unwanted weight gain?
Are you short tempered?
Is your memory waning?
Are your emotions all over the place?
Are you getting sicker more often?
Has your vision changed?
Is your skin aging to fast?
Is your libido non-existent?
Do you have digestive problems?
Are you tired of being tired?
Do you fall asleep at work or while driving?
Do you have sore and achy joints/muscles
every morning?

Amazing 3 Step Proprietary Process called the Holistic Sleep Solution

Step 1​
 Identify: Self screening tests and questionnaires to identify what is keeping you from falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up well rested and feeling good. This includes analyzing your DNA, genetic profile and other lab tests.

Make Corrections: Lifestyle shifts and improvements, supplements and natural products to improve your physical, chemical and emotional health, therefore restoring your normal sleep cycle.

Optimize: Using cutting edge strategies and bio-hacks to optimize your sleep and performance  so you can live your best life possible.

Step 2​​
Step 3​​
Benefits of a Good Night Sleep
Increased Energy
Increased Flexibility
Increased Focus
Increased Productivity
Increased Libido
Increased Happiness
Increased Fun
Increased Romance
Increased Youthful Glow
Increased Metabolism
Increased Memory
Decreased Stress
Decreased Inflammation
Decreased Weight
Decreased Risk of Chronic Degenerative Diseases
Decreased Fatigue
Decreased Frustration
Decreased Bad Eating Habits
Decreased Coffee Need

I began using this program in November, and the holidays are usually a high-stress time in my life and work.  This program really helped to keep that rushed feeling at bay, and my anxiety levels low.  It is helping me sleep better and fall asleep faster.  There are so many benefits to this program I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have more calm, centered, and enjoyable day.
– MKW 2018


Dr. Headlee is very knowledgeable.  After taking his advice and changing only a few things in my nightly routine, I am able to sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.
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