How is your Sleep?

    83.6 million
    The estimated total number of Americans who are sleep deprived.

    1 in 3
    The number of U.S. adults who say they aren't getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

    $41 billion
    The estimated amount of money Americans spent on sleep aids and remedies in 2015.

    The percent of U.S. adults who say lack of quality sleep affects their daily activities at least once a week.

    7 hours, 51 minutes
    The average amount of time U.S. adults spent in bed on election night, compared to a weekday average of 8 hours and 16 minutes, making it the most sleep deprived night for Americans in 2016.

    The minutes later than on an average night that Cubs and Indian fans went to bed after the final series game.

    The percentage of people who take weekday naps, compared to 12.7 percent who nap on weekends.

    The average minutes lost in bed to fans in Massachusetts on the night of the biggest football game of the year.  By comparison, fans in Georgia lost 34 minutes in bed that same night.

    50-70 Million
    The number of American adults who have some kind of sleep disorder.


    When you look at your sleep quality you need to review the actual duration and sleep quality.  Not only does sleep have an impact on the rebuilding of your body, but is also has an impact on the choices of food and other habits. 

    If you are tired you may increase your coffee or other caffeine sources.  Or instead of making a nutritious meal you will go for the fast bag of chips, candy bar or fast food because you are too tired to make anything.

    How many people want to exercise when they are tired?  Would a tired person rather exercise or sit in front of the television or computer and be entertained?

    There are more accidents today due to sleep deprivation then there are due to drunk drivers.

    Lack of sleep has been link to an increased risk of stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, along with other chronic diseases.

    Sleep quality and lack of sleep make a huge difference in someone's lifestyle and habits.  

    How is your sleep?

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